World Cosmos Cuisine

~ High ~Vibrational Food

Where Magic, Alchemy, Medicine and Love, InterFlow

 Our Food Quality

We offer Live Food, High Vibrational Food, loaded with Energy, Photonized by Solar Light to Generate Available Energy in Our Bodies~Light and Physical~thus Moving our Energy during the Day and Consciously Creating Realities.

All our Food is Quantumly Active, imprinted with Frequencies, Information packets, Geometries/Holographic Patterns that Activate Codes in our DNA that have been dormant for a long time

Unique and Delicious Taste

We intend most of the products we use to be Organic, those that definitely cannot be Organic are reconfigured Quantumly with Frequencies, Informations Aligned to the 5D timeline of Light and Unity that we are Merging into as a Humanity 

As a result, the Clean, Light, Fresh, Vital and Delicious Taste

Como resultado el Sabor Limpio, Ligero, Fresco, Vital y Delicioso.

Creating with Purpose and Love

Here in our Restaurant we join the Wave of this Quantum Leap that we are on All Together as Humanity, as a Whole

By providing Living Food, Rich in Nutrients, Vibrationally Potentialized to Heal, Connect and Activate our Cells and Purpose Here on Earth

Everything is Created with Love and Purpose to Activate the New Earth Ready to Emerge  on this Wonderful Planet

Rich and Potentialized Food

This space so called “RESTAURANT” is an Intentional Living Organism where EVERYTHING that is shared here is Alive, Active in High Vibration. We envision for Humanity an Alkaline Biology for these times we are undergoing of so much Transformation.

A Diet of Photonized Foods- that is, Rich and potentiated by Light Photons coming from the Sun and beyond. As well as Live and Exquisite Raw Foods. The Awakening of Consciousness is happening Accelerated and Massively, it is a fact, there is no turning back. It’s Time

Contributing with the Planet~with Existence

Our project is aimed to people who are Awakened or in the process of Awakening to another Reality and Perception of their Being and their Environment, Beings Already Connecting with their Essence, Understanding the Nature of our Being, our place and Relationship in the Great Fabric of Existence

Our Space is Quantumly Activated with Frequencies, Geometries, Informations Aligned to the 5D Band Timeline, that is to say~a New Reality of Light, Harmony, Unity.

This Frequency Vibrates, Emits a signal, which is perceived by the internal GPS of Beings which by Law of Attraction and Resonance respond to the call. This is how the one who has to arrive arrives to our Sacred Space. We Are who We Are by Resonance 


Our Menus are Created with the Love of Sharing the Essence of Mexico by offering Traditional Mexican Food

~Tacos Quesadillas-Enchiladas Enmoladas-Sopes~Tostadas-Gorditas-Pozole, etc, as well as World Food~Asian-Indian~Thai Fusions~ these being the result of combinations and Creative ideas mostly channeled in Moments of Inspiration and Meditation

Lunch Menú

Our Space is embellished and illuminated by Light and Bird songs from the area as well as iguanas that inhabit the Trees that shade our Space, thus Creating a Beautiful Atmosphere of Life. The Lunch menu is focused on dishes made up of Live, Raw Foods, Potentialized to Generate Energy and navigate the Surprises and challenges of the Day

Dinner Menú

At Sunset, Candlelight, soft Music adorn our space, Creating a Delicious Environment to release tensions, Connect and Relax.Our Dinner Menu is designed to Enjoy with Peace of mind that all our Creations are made to Generate Nutrition and Pleasure with every Food

Alive~Active~Delicious Foods

Fresh & Healthy

Our calling is to Reconfigurate information in both the Subtle and Physical Bodies, through Food. As well as to Cleanse the Organisms Blood, using Quantum Technology and Physical Elements such as Volcanic Minerals, Fossil Minerals, various kinds of Algae, Liquid Gold, Sea Water among other Magics, Present in our Creations, in each and every Dish

Reliable Nutrition ~Light Nutrition ~

In these moments of so much transition we need to Feed primarily on Light, since our bodies are Mutating from Carbon to Silica, therefore we are Becoming more and more Light. We are Evolving from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous~Human Light.
It is valuable for our clients to know that there is a place where Peace and Trust is present in the Knowing that the information which is entered into the Body, has the Capacity to restore Balance in our Biological Machinery and Optimizes it.
Everything is INFORMATION “What enters through the Mouth and Mind sooner or later is expressed” There is no other way~ This is it~


House Courtesies

In our Restaurant We Enjoy Pampering those who come to Our Space, with Delicious Courtesies of the House

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Consciencia Cósmica


Courtesy of happy birthday

Honoring this Magic

We Share a Welcome Courtesy

Offering a Turmeric, Ginger, Honey, Lime and Liquid Gold tea (Nature’s most powerful Antibiotics) as well as a Lentil Soup, Quinoa, Vegetables, a touch of Star Anise, prepared with Sea Water.

After your meal we Share a Delicious Vegan Cookie to sweeten your Self.

We Share a Welcome Courtesy

Offering a Turmeric, Ginger, Honey, Lime and Liquid Gold tea (Nature’s most powerful Antibiotics) as well as a Lentil Soup, Quinoa, Vegetables, a touch of Star Anise, prepared with Sea Water.


massage courtesy

Viernes Noche de Masaje 7pm~10

After your meal we Share a Delicious Vegan Cookie to sweeten your Self.

In this manner, we Honor the Presence of each Being whom enters the Space.

A Cuddle for the Soul

Happy Clients

Happy Clients

In our space we honor Beings Feelings who perceive the call to live the experience in our space~The Vortex. It is with Love and Enthusiasm that We Share~Nurturing all Bodies to Beautify our Human Experience all together as One Family. Here are some Opinions from the Heart…

Infinite Thanks

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